Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is a casual puzzle elimination game. Here, you only need to control the bubble shooter to successfully combine all the bubbles in the screen into three or more companies, so that they can be eliminated and get higher and more scores while completing the task of the checkpoint.

Bubble shooter’s game operations

In Bubble shooter, you control the direction through the mouse, while the left mouse button enables you to launch bubbles according to the set position.

Bubble shooter’s game content

In Bubble shooter, it has bubbles of various colours. When you launch bubbles, you need to pay attention to two aspects: on the one hand, what colour balls are launched, and on the other hand, where the balls are launched, which can eliminate more balls; Launching in the right position can help you reduce more balls, but if you don’t begin correctly, all bubbles will press down, creating enormous pressure on you. Therefore, when starting, you must proceed from the overall situation.

Bubble shooter’s game features

Bubble shooter has colourful bubbles, which can make you play bubble elimination games. Secondly, it has different levels of difficulty waiting for you to challenge. Different levels of stress mean that you need to spend different energies to eliminate them. If you also like bubble elimination games, Bubble shooter will not disappoint you.